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Shri Balasubrahmanya Swamy Temple, situated close to the Kowdiar Palace is a holy religious institution for thousands of devotees.The location of this old temple is at Puthichakonam near Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram.A brief history of this more than one hundred years old religious institution is given below.

Eenthivilakathu Veedu is an erstwhile family house in Puthichakonam.Three boys of this family viz. Raman, Gopalan and Narayanan, used to perform prayers in front of the idols of Lord Ganapathy and Lord Muruga made of clay with a lamp lit in front. Since the boys were fully devoted to these prayers neglecting their studies, the senior member of the house Shri.Velayudhan threw away the idols one day.However, from that day onwards he lost his night sleep and started dreaming about an elephant coming to attack him as also throwing him lifting in its tusk.He became quite restless and subsequently discussed his experience with his family members, including his throwing away of the idols. The family chief confessed his mistake and again permitted the boys to perform prayers in front of the idols.The happy boys got involved in their prayers as before once again.

After few years, one Govindacharya Swamy belonging to a place called Varinjam near Chathannur in Kollam district happened to come to Kowdiar.He came to know about the idol worship done by the three boys and hence came to Eenthivilakathu House and met the boys.He was very much pleased with them and encouraged them in the matter, as per the request of the senior family member Shri.Govindacharya Swamy constructed a small temple at Puthichakonam and installed an idol of Balasubrahmanya Swamy and suggested proper prayer norms.He stayed in the Bhajana Madom in the Compound and taught the boys the prayers to be made in detail. The boys in turn learned the directions of the Swamy and performed the prayers with due devotion.As per the directions of Shri.Govindacharya Swamy the annual temple festival was decided to be performed on Sivarathri day every year.

In due course, the boy Gopalan became the main priest and started to be know as 'Gopalan Santhi', all prayers and connected rituals were being performed by him hereafter.On March 21, 1979 Gopalan Santhi expired and the temple and land around were handed over to a Committee which was responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the temple thereafter.Because of their meritorious services, the temple grew up on stature and importance, in the year 2007 a Trust was registered in the name Shri.Balasubrahmanya Swamy Temple Trust to pursue the activities of the temple, and the temple rituals and prayers are being performed in a very grand manner under the leadership of this Trust.